Casey Honors Philadelphia Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Willie F. Johnson

Senator Commemorates Black History Month with Symposium, Floor Statement / Johnson Commended for His Commitment to Corporate Citizenship

Casey Honors Philadelphia Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Willie F. Johnson

Washington, DC - To commemorate Black History Month, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) today honored Willie F. Johnson, Founder and Chairman of PRWT Services Inc.,  in a speech on the Senate floor. Senator Casey’s speech was followed by a symposium which focused on Mr. Johnson’s success as an entrepreneur and his company’s commitment to good corporate citizenship.

“From his early experiences as a social worker to his outstanding success as an entrepreneur, Willie Johnson has promoted positive social change as a result of his emphasis on corporate citizenship,” Senator Casey said. “In the Senate today, we express our gratitude for Mr. Johnson’s commitment to volunteering in the community along with all of his charitable contributions and investments, all of which have had a positive impact on countless Pennsylvanians.”

In his floor speech, Senator Casey highlighted Mr. Johnson’s work with PRWT Services, Inc., one of the largest minority-owned businesses in the United States. PRWT is heavily involved in the community and strives to bring about positive change that benefits the Philadelphia region and other areas across Pennsylvania and the United States.

Following his speech on the Senate floor, Senator Casey hosted a symposium to discuss Mr. Johnson’s contributions to his neighborhood, his home state of Pennsylvania and the Nation.

Symposium panelists included:

  • Fletcher “Flash” Wiley, Chairman & CEO of The Centaurus Group, LLC. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and Harvard Law School as well as a Fulbright Scholar, Mr. Wiley has spent decades practicing commercial and corporate law. He was Principal and Executive Vice President of PRWT Services, Inc. Before joining PRWT in 1996, Mr. Wiley was a senior partner at Boston law firm Goldstein and Manello, P.C. He retired from PRWT in 2008, though he remains involved in several charitable pursuits.


  • Donna Allie, President and Founder of Team Clean, Inc. For twenty-three years, Ms. Allie has supervised Team Clean, Inc. and has provided employment to job seekers through various industries such as sports and entertainment, government, and education. She currently serves on the board of the African-American Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, and the Free Library of Philadelphia.
  • Della Clark, President of the Enterprise Center. Ms. Clark heads the organization in stimulating interactions with corporate, educational organizations, and industry leaders throughout federal and state levels. She currently serves as a board member to the St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children, the University City District, and the Philadelphia Historical Commission.
  • Chet Riddick, President and CEO of Alpha Enterprise Group, an office supplies company based in Philadelphia. He is currently a member of the African-American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia.
  • John W. Rogers, Jr., Chairman, CEO & Chief Investment Officer of Ariel Investments. In 1983, Mr. Rogers, Jr. founded Ariel Investments which has grown to become the largest minority-owned mutual fund in the U.S. He is currently a board member of the McDonald’s Corporation, Exelon Corporation, serves as a trustee of the University of Chicago, and Nathan Cummings Foundation, and is director of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.


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