Casey on Bush CHIP Obstruction

WASHINGTON, DC - Following President Bush’s press conference on his intention to veto children’s health insurance legislation, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement:

“President Bush has again shown that he is out of touch with the American people.  By threatening to veto legislation to expand children’s health insurance, he is ignoring the needs of millions of families who are trying to provide health coverage for their kids. 

“If President Bush had his way, 1.4 million children would lose health insurance.  On the other hand, the bill that passed the Senate goes further to cover 4 million children who would otherwise not be covered.

“The President should abandon his veto threat and not stand in the way of giving 4 million additional children health care.  The Senate bill passed with a veto-proof majority of 68 votes.  The strength of that vote should send a strong signal to the President that he is out of step with the will of the American people.” 

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