Casey: Partisan Games Continue on Health Care

Casey to oppose political amendments designed to derail health care reform; Republicans shut down committee work

WASHINGTON, DC—As Senate Republicans line up a barrage of political votes in an attempt to delay, derail or repeal heath care reform, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement:

“Republicans in Washington made a decision last year that they did not want to play a constructive role in the health care debate.  Their obstruction continues even after the bill was signed into law.

“During the HELP Committee consideration of reform, we had 60 hours of committee meetings and considered almost 300 amendments.  Senate Republicans have had ample opportunity to be a part of the solution to problems facing the American people.  Instead, they have continued a strategy of obstruction to stop health care reform at all costs.

“The votes expected later today are nothing more than the latest partisan attempt to deny help to the American people.  The amendments we will vote on are nothing more than an attempt to create political talking points and derail reform.  So I will vote against a number of measures that I would otherwise support.  My votes will not be on the merits of the amendments, but are in keeping with a commitment to improve health care in this country.  I have no doubt that I will support and work toward passage later of a number of the measures we will vote on today, but I will not participate in this political charade.

“The process has not been perfect, but due to the constant obstruction by Republicans in Washington, it is the only way to deliver health care reform.

“Additionally, Senate Republicans are shutting down the work of the Senate by preventing committees from doing their work.  They halted an important meeting of the Senate Agriculture Committee to consider the Child Nutrition Act and provide help to families struggling to put food on the table and provide nutritious meals in schools.”