Casey Pushes for Passage of 5 Year Farm Bill Before Senate’s Memorial Day Recess

Measure Includes Vital Crop Insurance

Senate Expected To Take Up Bill As Soon As This Week

Washington, DC- With frost hitting farms throughout the state, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), today, pushed for passage of a 5 year Farm Bill before the Senate’s Memorial Day recess.  During a conference call, Senator Casey discussed data showing the benefits that farm bill will have for all Pennsylvanians and highlight the Farm Bill’s inclusion of a crop insurance provision which could aid farmers hit by the recent frost.   

“Passing a 5 year farm bill will give Pennsylvania’s agriculture producers the certainty they need to grow their businesses and create jobs,” Senator Casey said. “This week’s frost across Pennsylvania is a reminder of the urgency Congress should act with in coming together in a bipartisan way to get the farm bill to the President’s desk.”

Passing a Farm Bill could have a substantial impact throughout the state. Already, the agriculture sector represents one of Pennsylvania’s largest drivers of economic growth. For example, the Erie area is home to approximately 9,000 acres of Concord grapes and 615 acres of Niagara grapes which are used for juice production and another 2,670 acres of grapes are used for wine production throughout the Commonwealth.

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