Casey Statement on Iran

Casey Statement on Iran

Washington, DC - U.S. Senator Bob Casey released the following statement on Iran:

"Our policy towards the Iranian regime must be guided by four words: verify, enforce, counter, and deter. We must verify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA. We must rigorously enforce the agreement, expecting that Iran will try to cheat and violations must be met with swift consequences. It’s important that we maintain the legislative architecture that would allow for snapback of sanctions, if necessary.

"We must counter Iran’s aggression. This means interdicting arms shipments, cutting off their financial support to terrorist groups, and ending their proxy control over Damascus by seeking a negotiated political solution that ends Bashar al-Assad’s reign in Syria. This means continuing to levy tough sanctions for the development of ballistic missiles and for the Iranian regime’s deplorable human rights record. Our goal must always be to deter Iran from resuming their pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.

"Today, the Administration took meaningful action to enforce sanctions against Iran and to counter their aggression in the region. Earlier today, I received a briefing from Treasury Secretary Lew on the new measures and their impact on the Iranian regime and those who facilitate their illicit actions.

"I welcome the designation of entities directly involved in Iran's ballistic missile program as well as entities that helped Mahan Air circumvent sanctions. In addition to these necessary actions, there were also two separate cases where individuals were charged with evasion of U.S. sanctions and money laundering on behalf of the government of Iran and Iranian businesses that were barred by U.S. sanctions. I have said that we need to continue to rigorously enforce sanctions on the books, and through these actions, the Administration is furthering that effort.

"Through its hateful statements and provocative actions, the Iranian regime has shown that it cannot be trusted and that it continues to pose a threat to our national security interests. That's why vigilance is required, and I will continue to press the Administration to verify, enforce, counter, and deter when it comes to Iran."