Casey Statement on Pandemic Preparedness Hearing

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) today released the following statement after presiding over the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing -  A Nation Prepared: Strengthening Medical and Public Health Preparedness and Response:

“The H1N1 pandemic flu outbreak demonstrated that our public health system is more capable that it was a decade ago, however this outbreak showed us that weaknesses still exist. 

“Since the Pandemic All Hazards Preparedness Act was enacted in 2006 to direct federal preparedness for and response to public health emergencies, progress has been made in some of these areas when it comes to developing medical countermeasures.  Pennsylvania has led the way in the area of bio-defense preparedness.  However, I am concerned about some reports of slow progress and that we do not yet have enough of scientific knowledge and resources devoted.

“I look forward to working with Senator Burr (R-NC), with whom I co-founded and co-chair the Senate Weapons of Mass Destruction Caucus, as well as Senator Harkin (D-IA) and Senator Enzi (R-WY) to reauthorize and build on the Pandemic All Hazards Preparedness Act.”