Casey Statement on Syria

Casey Statement on Syria

Washington DC- Today U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), member of the National Security Working Group, released the following statement on developments in Syria:

“In light of the intelligence briefing I received today as well as public remarks by both the President and Secretary Kerry, I have no doubt that Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people. It is evident that his regime crossed more than a red line. Last November, I called for a more assertive approach to the conflict in Syria because I believe the Assad regime is a threat to both regional stability and the United States' broader national security interests. Every day that Assad remains in power helps Iran and Hezbollah who plot against the United States and its allies every day. Taking action now will certainly be more difficult than it was last year, but I believe that it is in the US national security interest to respond to this most recent chemical attack. I also believe that all aspects of our Syria policy should be thoroughly debated. I appreciate the Administration's efforts to consult with Congress about the situation as we collectively assess our response.”

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