Casey Statement on the Second Anniversary of the Demonstrations Against Assad in Syria

Washington DC – Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs released the following statement on the second anniversary of the demonstrations against Assad in Syria.

“Two years ago today, courageous Syrians first took to the streets of Dar’a and Damascus, peacefully protesting the oppressive and autocratic regime of Bashar al-Assad. What began as a nonviolent movement was met with a brutal crackdown by Assad’s security services, and today, Syria is embroiled in a terribly destructive civil war. With more than 70,000 dead and millions displaced or seeking refuge in neighboring countries, the international community must make every effort to end this conflict and respond to the growing humanitarian crisis. We should work with the Syrian opposition and vetted elements of the Free Syria Army to build their capacity and prepare for the day when Assad is removed from power.

On Tuesday, I will chair a Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearing on the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and will soon introduce legislation that will authorize the Administration to do more to support the Syrian people and the opposition.  The Syrian people have suffered tremendously during this fight, and the U.S. should stand with them now, more than ever.”


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