Casey Statement on UN Security Council Vote on Syria

Casey Statement on UN Security Council Vote on Syria

Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement on the UN Security Council’s vote on Syria, which Russia and China vetoed:

“I am deeply disappointed in the outcome of today’s vote at the UN Security Council. Unfortunately this kind of obstructionism is nothing new for Russia, which has shown it will stand behind the Assad regime even if it means ignoring reality. There is more than enough evidence of Assad’s war crimes to support a referral to the International Criminal Court. 

The Syrian people deserve justice for the atrocities they have suffered.  As long as Russia continues to support this monstrous regime, the barrel bomb and chemical attacks on Syrian civilians will continue.   The regime has repeatedly violated UN Security Council Resolution 2139 with total impunity.  Russia and China’s failure to stand behind their earlier support of this resolution and to hold the Assad regime to account for its actions is abhorrent. I will continue to call for a Chapter 7 authorization that would help us enforce these commitments and get humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria.”



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