Casey to EPA: Hold Hearings in Pennsylvania on New Regulations

EPA Recently Proposed New Regulations, Senator Casey Calls on Agency to Hear Directly from PA Residents Who Could be Impacted

Casey to EPA: Hold Hearings in Pennsylvania on New Regulations

Washington, DC- Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) called on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to hold a hearing in Pennsylvania on its new proposed rule on carbon emissions for new power plants. In a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Casey stressed the need for the EPA to hear directly for Pennsylvanians who could be impacted by new regulations.

“Many Pennsylvanians have expressed strong views about this newly proposed rule. It’s incumbent upon the EPA to fully explain this proposal and answers questions that residents may have,” Senator Casey said. “The Pennsylvania constitution ensures the right to clean air and pure water. We must also be cognizant of the fact that coal is one of our most reliable, low-priced energy sources. Therefore, I believe any regulations must acknowledge the importance of clean coal to our energy future and take into consideration any impact on reliability, job creation and electricity prices.”

The full text of Senator Casey’s letter can be seen below:

The Honorable Gina McCarthy
U.S. Department of Environmental Protection

Dear Madam Administrator:

I am writing to request that the EPA hold a public hearing in Pennsylvania regarding the proposed rule on greenhouse gas emissions from new electric utility generating units. This rule has the potential to affect the lives of 12.5 million Pennsylvanians.

I want to ensure my constituents have a thorough explanation of the proposed rule as well as adequate opportunity to comment on it. I strongly urge the EPA to hold a public meeting to inform my constituents about the proposed rule and to respond to the views expressed. I understand that the EPA has also requested comment on a number of questions in the proposed rule and I believe my constituents would have much to contribute in that regard.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and would appreciate you keeping me updated as to the status of my request. I look forward to continue working with you.


Robert P. Casey, Jr.
United States Senator


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