Casey Unveils Buy America Bill – New Effort Will Dramatically Increase Investment in U.S.-Made Goods

Invest in American Jobs Act Strengthens “Buy America” Provisions for Investments in Transportation and Infrastructure Projects

PITTSBURGH, PA – Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) unveiled a new bill that would help ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to buy American-made goods. The Invest in American Jobs Act would give preference to American-made steel, iron, and manufactured goods used to construct projects financed by taxpayers.

Standing with manufacturing workers in Pittsburgh, Senator Casey made the case that having the federal government buy American goods will create jobs and boost Pennsylvania’s economy.

“Any time the federal government lays down a new piece of infrastructure it should be stamped with the words ‘Made in America,’” Senator Casey said. “Buying American-made goods will help rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create jobs in Pennsylvania instead of China.”

Don Foster of L.B. Foster said, “Our state’s manufacturing segment and our nation’s steel sector should applaud Senator Casey’s efforts to increase investment in U.S. made goods.  Here in Pennsylvania, we have globally competitive companies producing quality world-class products with an outstanding dedicated workforce.  Our Bedford, Pa. Bridge facility is a prime example of this. Our success is shared by our key Pennsylvania supply partners such as Gautier Steel in Johnstown, Pa.  This is a proactive jobs bill.”

Darryl DiOrio, President of Gautier Steel, said, “Gautier and the employees of Gautier strongly support Senator Casey’s effort to enact ‘Buy American Legislation’ for infrastructure.  One of Gautier’s primary product lines is bridge decking.  This is a Pennsylvania based industry.” 

Senator Casey introduced the legislation with Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Specifically, the Invest in American Jobs Act:

  • Strengthens existing Buy America requirements for investments in highway, bridge, public transit, rail, and aviation infrastructure and equipment to ensure that all of the steel, iron, and manufactured goods used in these projects is produced in the United States;
  • Applies Buy America to other transportation and infrastructure investments, including rail infrastructure grants, loans, and loan guarantees, and Clean Water State Revolving Fund grants; and
  • Requires Federal agencies to justify any proposed waiver of the Buy America requirements and ensures that the American public has notice of and an opportunity to comment on any proposed waiver prior to it taking effect.

A recent University of Massachusetts study found that a 100 percent domestic preference on infrastructure spending increases job creation by 33 percent.