Casey Urges Philippines’ Government to Aid MontCo Law Enforcement in Search for Fugitive

Montgomery County Law Enforcement In Search of Suspect Who Is Alleged to Have Robbed Stroke Victim, Believe She Fled to Philippines

In Letter, Casey Urges Filipino Government to Provide MontCo Law Enforcement with Full Support in Search

WASHINGTON, DC- Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey released a letter he sent to Jose Cuisia, Filipino Ambassador to the United States, urging his government to fully assist Montgomery County law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office as they seek to hunt down a fugitive accused of stealing more than $100,000 from a stroke victim she was entrusted to care for.

“For decades the U.S. and the Philippines have had a strong friendship and I look forward to working with the Filipino authorities to ensure cooperation with Montgomery law enforcement in this search,” Casey said. “What this suspect is accused of is appalling, and I urge the Filipino government to assist our police officers in tracking down this fugitive.”

Janet Gitney of Lansdale is wanted by Montgomery County law enforcement in connection with her care for a Hatfield Township man, Eugene Waldspurger. Mr. Waldspurger is partially paralyzed due to a stroke and while under the care of the suspect saw large amounts of money take from his accounts. In June, police allege that the suspect took possession of Mr. Waldspurger’s Hatfield home for $40,000 and left Mr. Waldspurger to live in a nursing home. Mr. Waldspurger’s house is valued at $200,000. In total, police believe that the suspect took over $100,000 from Mr. Waldspurger.

As police have sought to solve this case, the suspect has fled and Montgomery County law enforcement believes that Ms. Gitney is somewhere in the Philippines. Today in his letter, Casey called upon the Filipino government to take every action to assist the Montgomery County police in their search for this fugitive.

A full copy of Casey’s letter to Ambassador Cuisia is below:

The Honorable Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.
Embassy of the Philippines

Dear Ambassador Cuisia:

I am writing to solicit your assistance with an issue that impacts my constituents in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Local law enforcement officials have charged Ms. Janet M. Gitney with theft, forgery and other charges related to stealing the property and savings of a stroke victim.  These officials believe that she has fled to the Philippines to escape justice in the United States.  I urge the relevant law enforcement authorities in the Philippines to assist in the apprehension of Ms. Gitney for extradition to the United States. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  I strongly value the longstanding relationship between the Philippines the United States and your stalwart commitment to the rule of law.  I look forward to remaining in close touch on this matter. 


Robert P. Casey, Jr.
United States Senator