Casey Votes to Protect PA Jobs, Clean Air

WASHINGTON, DC— U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement after the Senate took a series of votes on EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions:

“Greenhouse gas emissions pose threats to public health and the environment.  How this threat is addressed is important for a manufacturing state like Pennsylvania during an economic recovery.  That is why I voted today for legislation that would protect Pennsylvania jobs, Pennsylvania agriculture and allow steps to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Further, I have also pushed for small businesses to be exempted from any new regulations. 

“I remain concerned that regulatory action without sufficient safeguards and congressional action could harm industry and workers in manufacturing states like Pennsylvania.  At the same time, in the absence of congressional action on energy legislation, there should not be a prohibition on the development of plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  And new clean energy industry should be encouraged in order to continue the progress being made to create Pennsylvania jobs. 

“I will continue to work toward solutions that can protect public health while protecting Pennsylvania jobs.”