Senator Casey Presses White House on Surge

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey met with National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and pressed him for a justification for President Bush’s expected troop surge proposal. Earlier in the day, Senator Casey also attended his first Foreign Relations Committee hearing where he asked a panel of experts questions on body armor and finding a diplomatic solution in Iraq.

“I am waiting to hear the President’s address to the nation tonight, but from what I heard at the White House today, I have not been convinced of the rationale for an escalation of U.S. troop levels in Iraq,” said U.S. Senator Bob Casey.

Senator Casey was one of seven senators who met with National Security Advisory Hadley this afternoon.

Testifying before the Foreign Relations Committee today were Dr. Phebe Marr, author of “The Modern History of Iraq;” Dr. Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Fellow and Sydney Stein, Jr. Chair at the Brookings Institution; Mr. Yahia Said, Director of Iraq Revenue Watch; and Dr. Paul Pillar, Visiting Professor at the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University.

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