Senator Casey Releases 50 State Report on the Impacts of TrumpCare on Older Americans

Individual State Fact Sheets Confirm that TrumpCare Will Cause Premiums to Skyrocket for People Ages 50 to 64; Decimate Medicaid, Meaning Cuts to Care for the Most Vulnerable Seniors / Fact Sheets, Compiled by Senate Special Committee on Aging, Show Devastating Consequences of TrumpCare’s Age Tax in Each State / Data Confirms that TrumpCare Cuts Benefits and Hikes Costs for Older Americans in Order to Finance Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest and Big Corporations

Senator Casey Releases 50 State Report on the Impacts of TrumpCare on Older Americans

Washington, DC- Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Ranking Member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, released a 50 State Report detailing the impacts of TrumpCare on older Americans. These individual state fact sheets make clear the consequences of TrumpCare’s irresponsible policies: imposing an age tax on those between the ages of 50-64 will cause premiums to skyrocket, reducing tax credits available to older Americans will make health care out of reach for millions, decimating Medicaid means our most vulnerable seniors get knocked while they are down and undermining the finances of Medicare will opens the door to benefit cuts and vouchers. These changes are financing tax cuts for the wealthy and giving special interests a sweetheart deal.

“For older Americans, TrumpCare is highway robbery,” Senator Casey said. “It strips older Americans of the ability to afford health coverage while lining the pockets of the wealthiest individuals and companies. The TrumpCare scheme is a profound betrayal of our seniors, penalizing people for getting older and neglecting the most vulnerable members of our families. The information I am releasing today shows that individuals in every state are worse off under this plan.”

Under the Republican plan, by 2026, the average premium in the nongroup or individual market for someone age 64 will be 20 to 25 percent higher than it would be under current law. In Pennsylvania, the “age tax” will raise premiums for a 60 year old earning $40,000 by $2,300 annually. And, that same 60 year old will lose out on $4,000 in tax credits.

Factsheets for each state: