Senators Specter and Casey Announce Final Approval of Southeastern Pennsylvania Defense Projects

Funding is Part of the FY 2009 Continuing Resolution

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Casey announced today that the full U.S. Congress and the President have approved federal funding for several defense-related projects in Southeastern Pennsylvania as contained in the Fiscal Year 2009 Continuing Resolution (HR 2638).  

“I am pleased that my colleagues have recognized the valuable contribution these projects will make to our nation’s defense,” said Senator Specter.  “Pennsylvania is a top competitor for defense projects that create jobs and strengthen our economy and these funds will go far in supporting the brave men and women who serve our country.”

“The projects will play an important role in strengthening our nation’s military readiness and promoting job creation in Pennsylvania,” said Senator Casey.  “I am pleased that my colleagues have approved this important funding to improve Pennsylvania’s military installations and strengthen our nation’s defense.”

The continuing resolution was passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law Tuesday by President of the United States.

Funding has been approved for the following Southeastern Pennsylvania defense projects (if a House Member also requested the project, his/her name is indicated in parentheses):

·        $22 million for the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. The funds will be used to construct a state of the art facility to test full scale advanced Navy electric drive systems. 

·        $5 million for Piasecki Aircraft in Delaware County to continue the development and testing of the Vectored Thrust Ducted Propeller helicopter technology, which has the potential to increase the craft’s speed, range and survivability.

·        $4 million for Rajant Corporation in Chester County to enhance the capabilities of a self-configuring wireless broadband communication system that can rapidly reconfigure and adapt in real-time.  (Jim Gerlach, Joe Sestak)

·        $3.8 million for Analytical Graphics in Chester County to utilize commercial technology to provide the US Air Force with more-capable, less-costly space situational awareness capabilities.  (Jim Gerlach)

·        $3.2 million for Drexel University in Philadelphia to develop systems which can employ rapidly advancing communication and information networking technologies and provide innovative applications of these technologies.

·        $2.4 million for Global Seating Systems in Chester County for the development of blast-resistant vehicle seats to improve the safety of military personnel in wheeled vehicles.  (Jim Gerlach)  

·        $2.4 million for ArCCA Inc. in Bucks County for the development of a dual stage shock absorber for the protection of occupants seated in military vehicles.  (Patrick Murphy)

·        $2.4 million for Villanova University in Delaware County to conduct research on autonomous and automated machinery systems and vehicles. (Joe Sestak, Chaka Fattah)

·        $2.4 million for V. System Composites, Inc. in Delaware County to develop stronger, lighter weight, and less expensive composite rotorcraft drive system components.  (Robert Brady)

·        $2.32 million for Edmund Optics in Montgomery County to improve manufacturing technology for infrared aspheric optics. (Charlie Dent)

·        $2 million for SAP in Delaware County for the development of the Theater Enterprise Wide Logistics System to support critical medical logistics requirements to support the warfighter. (Joe Sestak)

·        $2 million for RL Associates in Chester County to develop holographic optical filters to help surface ships detect submarines.  (Allyson Schwartz, Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak)

·        $1.6 million for Oto Melara North America in Delaware County to bring a state of the art facility online for the maintenance and repair of Mark 75 guns used aboard the Navy’s frigates.  (Robert Brady, Joe Sestak)

·        $1.6 million for MCA Solutions in Philadelphia to implement software to improve the Navy’s logistical readiness.

·        $1.6 million for Morphotek, Inc. in Chester County to develop new medicines to treat staphylococcus-derived bioweapons.  (Jim Gerlach, Joe Sestak)

·        $1.6 million for Clear Align in Montgomery County for the development of a low-cost module assembly for the housing of critical high frequency sensors on submarines.  (Joe Sestak)

·        $1.2 million for MaxPower in Montgomery County to develop a high energy density ceramic-based lithium air battery to reduce the number of batteries that the warfighter has to carry.  (Allyson Schwartz) 

·        $1.2 million for Inter Digital in Montgomery County to adapt third generation (3G) commercial wireless technology for application in battlefield communications.  (Joe Sestak)

·        $1.2 million for Navmar Corporation in Delaware County to improve Unmanned Aerical Vehicle (UAV) avionics and propulsion systems.

·        $1.2 million for C&D Technologies in Montgomery County for the development of a new lead-acid battery specifically designed to meet the unique power storage needs of the Army (Allyson Schwartz).   

·        $1 million for Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells in Delaware County to develop and test an advanced micro-composite fuel cell membrane.  (Jim Gerlach)

·        $800,000 for the Collegiate Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development in Philadelphia for job skills training and the continuing education for Veterans and National Guard and Reserve personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  (Allyson Schwartz, Jim Gerlach, Patrick Murphy)

·        $800,000 for Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation in Delaware County to develop a system designed to improve runway safety at airports that have both military and commercial flight operations. (Joe Sestak)




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