Specter, Casey Announce Final Approval of Northeastern Pennsylvania Health, Education and Labor Projects

Funding Is Contained in the Fiscal Year 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Washington, D.C. - Today U.S. Senators Arlen Specter, Ranking Member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Bob Casey announced final approval of federal funding for several Northeastern Pennsylvania health care, education and labor projects.  The projects are contained in the Fiscal Year 2009 Omnibus Appropriations bill.

 “I am pleased that Congress has approved this important funding for Northeastern Pennsylvania,” Senator Specter said.  “Health and education are our nation’s greatest capital assets, and these projects are vital to ensuring quality health care and education for the area’s residents.”

“This money is great news for Northeastern Pennsylvania and I am pleased Congress approved this funding,” said Senator Casey. “I will continue working with Senator Specter to ensure residents of the area have access to quality health care and education.”

Northeastern Pennsylvania projects in the bill include:

*House Members that also supported a project are indicated in parentheses

·                      $951,000 for Commonwealth Medical College in Lackawanna County to develop a regional Clinical Skills and Simulation Center to train health professionals to work in a team in a safe environment to reduce medical errors and improve quality of care.

·                      $143,000 for the Friendship House in Lackawanna County to create an advanced Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

·                      $95,000 for Bloomsburg Hospital in Columbia County for construction, renovation and equipment for a full service cardiology center and catheterization lab with rehab services.·                      

·                      $95,000 for Bloomsburg University in Columbia County for computer forensic science education programs which will provide training and research education on the extraction of information from digital media. 

·                      $95,000 for Allied Services Foundation in Lackawanna County for renovations and equipment for the Allied Services Skilled Nursing Center.

·                      $95,000 for Community Medical Center in Lackawanna County for the purchase of equipment, including automated documentation tools that will be used to standardize nursing documents in the patient care environment.

·                      $95,000 for Healthy Northeast Pennsylvania Initiative in Lackawanna County for obesity prevention and education programs.

·                      $95,000 for Keystone College in Lackawanna County for technology upgrades for the College's technology platform which will enhance teaching and encourage technologically proficient students. 

·                      $95,000 for Lackawanna College in Lackawanna County for the purchase of scientific equipment which will provide students with hands on, practical application of complex science concepts.

·                      $95,000 for Marian Community Hospital in Lackawanna County for renovation and equipment to create an Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation Unit.

·                      $95,000 for Marywood University in Lackawanna County for campus?based autism education programs, including the development of an Autism support classroom on campus for students with Autism ages 18?21 and to train special education teachers in the region. 

·                      $95,000 for Mercy Health Partners in Lackawanna County to support the creation of an Emergency Department Documentation system which will integrate information with inpatient and outpatient Electronic Medical Records.

·                      $95,000 for Mid Valley Hospital in Lackawanna County for renovation and equipment, including the purchase of hospital beds.

·                      $95,000 for Moses Taylor Hospital in Lackawanna County for renovation and equipment for Mobile Clinical Workstations which will provide clinicians with access to patient information from any location.

·                      $95,000 for Northeast Regional Cancer Institute in Lackawanna County for cancer epidemiology research programs, including cancer surveillance, collection and analysis of local, state and national data within a seven county area of Northeast Pennsylvania.

·                      $95,000 for University of Scranton in Lackawanna County for a health profession education and training initiative that will be conducted by the University’s Center for Global Health, Education and Rehabilitation.

·                      $95,000 for Clearbrook, Inc. in Luzerne County for a substance abuse and treatment program which involves the families of those receiving treatment as a method to improve the recovery of the patient. 

·                      $95,000 for Hazleton General Hospital in Luzerne County for renovation and equipment to implement a Physician Care Management system.

·                      $95,000 for Misericordia University in Luzerne County for construction, renovation and equipment for the University’s College of Health Sciences, which will provide academic instruction in a variety of health care disciplines.

·                      $95,000 for Wyoming Valley Health Care System Hospital in Luzerne County for an Electronic Medical Records system for electronic charting.

·                      $95,000 for Sullivan County Medical Center in Sullivan County for renovation and equipment to improve the delivery of rural healthcare and outreach in the region.

·                      $95,000 for Barnes?Kasson County Hospital in Susquehanna County to maintain and enhance the facility's ability to provide emergency room care and dietetic service.

·                      $95,000 for Endless Mountains Health Systems in Susquehanna County for construction, renovation and equipment for a rural access hospital.

·                      $95,000 for Wayne Memorial Hospital in Wayne County to support the hospital’s infrastructure refurbishment initiative which will include the replacement of several core systems.

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