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Senator Casey is committed to helping Pennsylvanians navigate concerns within the federal government. From issues with veterans’ benefits to Social Security to Medicaid and Medicare, Senator Casey’s constituent services team is ready and eager to serve. If you need help, please reach out to Senator Casey’s staff here.

Here are a few stories of constituents who worked with Senator Casey’s office to find a solution to their issues navigating federal programs:

Enrico Cesarini

My name is Enrico Cesarini. I am a veteran and served in the Army, stationed in Germany. During my tour I worked in a generator repair shop, exposed to extremely loud noisy conditions. I applied for VA disability for hearing loss and tinnitus. I went through all VA requested information, including medical exams. The end result was that I had a disability, but said it wasn’t related to military service. After three appeals and three denials, I was at my wit’s end. Nowhere or no one to turn. Who would expect you were willing to fight for your country, and now you have to fight for your benefits – I contacted Senator Casey’s office for assistance. They were extremely helpful and understanding. They followed up on my VA request and kept me informed on my status. Well, finally I was approved for tinnitus. If it weren’t for Senator Casey’s office, I would not be receiving benefits. I am grateful for their intervention and professionalism.

Enrico Cesarini

Elizabeth Silvy

Our son was diagnosed with a condition that needed a very special type of medication. The insurance company was denying the medication stating that we needed to use the alternate options that they were offering. However, both medications recommended by the insurance were out of stock due to a national supply shortage and would only be available to patients 12-15 months later. As a family, we were frightened with the idea of not having access to our son's medication and we could not wait more than a year to start his treatment. For this reason, we needed the insurance company to approve the only available medication at that time.

After many appeals denials, we decided to reach out to our region’s representatives to assist us with our case. The Office of Senator Bob Casey contacted us within a day willing to hear our case and work with us during that process. We are very thankful to Mr. Casey's team effort and willingness to work with us proactively during the whole process which was instrumental to our insurance approval of the much-needed medication to our son.

We certainly encourage other Pennsylvanians to use the Office of Senator Bob Casey as a resource to support and assist them if they are experiencing issues with a federal agency.  


Kristin and James

I have a son with profound autism who also happens to have a severe form of Crohn’s Disease. My son has suffered for years with terrible pain, which causes him to severely injure himself, and has been hospitalized four times for life-threatening bleeds.

After being discharged from the last hospital visit, our GI doctor prescribed a new, more frequent dosing of Stelara. This required approval from our insurance company. Despite the fact that this was a life-threatening situation, our insurance refused to respond to the doctor or me for 62 days!  At that point a friend suggested that I reach out to my US senator.

Senator Casey’s team responded to me within hours and within just a few days, he had been in touch with my insurance company and we received our approval.

Within just two months of the new dosing, our son started to improve. His pain started to subside, so his frequency of self-injury started to decline, his inflammatory markers stared to drop, he started to be able to eat again and started to gain weight. After six months he was spending most of his day out of bed and after nine months, and was actually happy for the first time in years.

Imagine our surprise that when the approval date expired after a year on this new regimen, our insurance company refused to re-approve. This time we reached out to Senator Casey immediately. Again, he responded within hours and by the next day had successfully advocated to keep our son on the medication regimen that had turned his life around.

In doing so, not only has Senator Casey saved our son’s life, he has given him a chance to live pain-free and happy. All of our lives are better for it.

Thank you, Senator Casey!  

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Laura Grappy

I first met Senator Casey regarding the re-authorization of the James Zardroga Health and Compensation Act, which provides health care to sick 9/11 responders. Senator Casey met with me personally and listened to my 9/11 story and the struggles I had encountered navigating the process. Quickly, his staff from Erie, PA to Washington D.C. were assigned to provide all the assistance I needed and he was personally updated. My case was resolved and I will be cared for, as my illness progresses.

Senator Casey’s support of this bill, that is now law, ensures that all 9/11 responders across our country, that served and sacrificed will now be honored, over 1900 reside in our commonwealth.

Senator Casey and every member of his staff are completely dedicated to hearing the needs of the people, and making a difference in their lives.  


Ron Biglin

My name is Ron Biglin and I am an Air Force veteran. I have lost my eyesight, and through the VA, I have been trained to use the Job Access With Speech (JAWS) program.

JAWS has allowed me to get back to using email and looking things up on the web. However, I have still had some difficulty with certain sites, particularly with the VA’s My Healthy Vet portal, which I use to order my medications, send messages to my doctor, and receive test and lab results. I tried for hours at a time to get on the website and it was impossible.

I explained my situation to Senator Casey’s staff, who told me that they would work on this until I could get on the website. They connected me with someone working in the VA’s Section 508 compliance office, who contacted me to find out what the problem was and run potential solutions by me. Eventually, they made a change to the site that solved the access problem I was facing, and now I can log on and access my medications and test results.

If it wasn’t for Senator Casey pushing to make government websites accessible and his staff connecting me with the VA and following up along the way, I would not be able to access my medical needs. I would like to thank the VA for pursuing this solution, and the staff at Senator Casey’s office. I would not have gotten this far without their dedication.

Veterans Affairs Headquarters Sign and Logo

Laura Farinella

Ten years. That's how long it took the Department of the Army to review but not correct my late husband's military record when I tried to do it on my own. Once Senator Casey and his team took up the challenge - it took only two weeks. My late husband, a Vietnam Veteran, passed away several years ago from illnesses related to Agent Orange exposure. I had originally reached out to the Dept of the Army in 2012 for the awards to which he was entitled. At that time, the Army had the opportunity to review the documentation and but did not go beyond what was already documented. Fast forward to now, we reached out for help posthumously obtaining the medal, ribbon, and citation associated with the Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for Extraordinary Heroism in Action. Since the Presidential Unit Citation was awarded in 1971, after my husband was honorably discharged, he never realized that his unit had been awarded this great honor.

Truthfully, my husband rarely spoke of his time in Vietnam and when he did, the images he described were almost incomprehensible to me. Today as our children read the text of the award narrative describing the battle in which he fought, they said to me "thirty-three days? How did he even survive?"

Senator Casey's assistance with the Department of the Army meant a great deal to our family ultimately resulting in obtaining the correct award. But the DOA also realized that my husband was entitled to several awards which were not listed, or incorrectly listed, on his DD Form 214.

These awards are important, tangible reminders to our now adult children and young grandchildren who never had the chance to meet him, of the unsung heroism he displayed then and quietly displayed for the remainder of his life. Thank you, Senator Casey, for all you do for us