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Protecting personal data and America's networks

Senator Casey is increasingly concerned by the weaponization of information and data and the growing role cybersecurity plays in U.S. national security.  Cybersecurity and national security are increasingly intertwined.  Our Nation’s cybersecurity – that of our government agencies, corporations, and everyday Americans – is increasingly under threat by those who seek to undermine our national security, the integrity of our elections, and the privacy of consumers.

It is no secret that recent breaches of government agencies and major corporate entities, as well as foreign cyber activity during the 2016 presidential elections, have revealed significant gaps in our cybersecurity infrastructure.  Senator Casey continues to advocate for sustained investment in cybersecurity infrastructure and capacity, both in government and by the private sector, as it is essential to protect the safety and privacy of Americans.

As a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence, Senator Casey is committed to conducting stringent oversight of government agencies responsible for U.S. national security, and ensuring they have the necessary resources to counter 21st century threats.