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Ensuring people with disabilities have the opportunities and access available to all Americans

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are 61 million people in the United States with a disability.  From newborns to the oldest seniors, disability is part of our communities and families.

For the over 1.8 million Pennsylvanians with disabilities and all those across our Nation with similar circumstances, Senator Casey believes they should have the same opportunities as people without disabilities: to secure a quality education, to have comprehensive health care, and to work at a good job where it is possible to be economically self-sufficient.  He also believes people with disabilities should be free from the prejudice and bias of low expectations and limited opportunities.

Accessibility means that our physical spaces, roads and buildings, schools, and stadiums are accessible.  It also means our ever-expanding virtual world – websites, online work places, and virtual services – are accessible, too.  All aspects of our society must be accessible to people with all types of disabilities.  The Americans with Disabilities Act affirms the civil rights of people with disabilities.  However, those rights cannot be fulfilled without supports.  Senator Casey is committed to working to provide the supports that will enable people with disabilities to exercise their right to self-determination.