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Pittsburgh-based Catalyst Connection will receive funding from infrastructure law to support clean energy manufacturers in the region

Funding will support manufacturing of renewable energy, hydrogen power, low-carbon and decarbonized power, smart grid improvements, electric vehicles, and green buildings

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and John Fetterman (D-PA) and U.S Representatives Chris Deluzio (D-PA-17) and Summer Lee (D-PA-12) announced $10 million for Pittsburgh-based Catalyst Connection to support small manufacturers in the region expand and succeed in the clean energy and green technology sectors. With this funding, Catalyst Connection, a non-profit organization that provides consulting and training services for small manufacturers, will collaborate with organizations in New York, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia to strengthen the burgeoning clean energy industry. The funding will be used to provide training and supply chain mapping, as well as guidance on factory upgrades to support manufacturing of renewable energy, hydrogen power, low-carbon and decarbonized power, smart grid improvements, electric vehicles, and green buildings. This award from the Appalachian Regional Commission is funded by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and will help strengthen American manufacturing, creating jobs and boosting the region’s economy while protecting our environment for generations to come.

“The infrastructure law is helping America take control of its future and become the manufacturing powerhouse we know we can be,” Senator Casey said. “This funding will help Catalyst Connection expand their work to help more small manufacturers build the technologies and economy of tomorrow. Catalyst embodies the ingenuity and fighting spirit of Southwestern Pennsylvania and I’m proud to support their work.”

“I’m proud to join my colleagues in announcing this important funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for development right here in western Pennsylvania,” Senator Fetterman said. This investment will help create jobs in our region, and it’s exactly the kind of funding we need to expand American manufacturing, innovation, and production.”

“I believe in my bones that Western Pennsylvania and America will be better off when we make more here at home—and transformational federal investments like President Biden’s Infrastructure Law are helping us get it done,” said Rep. Chris Deluzio. “With grants like the $10 million announced today for Catalyst Connection, we can bolster American competitiveness in the clean energy and green technology industries, driven by strong growth by small manufacturers. Let's grow and create solid jobs, secure our energy future, and show the world that American manufacturing is second to none.”

"I am so excited to have helped deliver $10 million for the new ARISE program from the Appalachian Regional Commission," said Rep. Summer Lee (PA-12). This critical investment will help create and sustain good, green energy jobs here in Western Pennsylvania and across the region."

“Catalyst Connection is proud to be selected to spearhead a vital initiative supporting small and mid-sized manufacturers across 5 states and 156 counties as they navigate the new energy economy and we’re grateful for the support we’ve received from Appalachian Regional Commission, Senator Bob Casey, and the surrounding states,” said Catalyst Connection President and CEO Petra Mitchell. “This ARC ARISE grant will allow us to support manufacturers with outreach, assessment, and implementation and financial assistance as they map new supply chains and retool their factories to create a vibrant clean energy industry will reinvigorate the Appalachian economy and uplift families across the region.”