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U.S. Senator Bob Casey is releasing the statement below following the latest Trump Administration effort to wreak havoc on the American health care system by ending cost-sharing subsidies:

“Under the cover of darkness last night, President Trump placed a 20% premium tax on Pennsylvania families and it is wrong. These are payments that ensure health care is affordable for millions of Americans. The only result of this cruel action will be to hurt people. This decision will raise premiums and cost middle class families their hard-earned dollars while wreaking havoc in the insurance marketplace. Congress must act to reverse this sabotage. If President Trump is unwilling to follow the law and make these payments, then Congress must act in a bipartisan way to force him to do it. I call on President Trump to abandon his destructive, partisan approach and support bipartisan legislation, which Senators Murray and Alexander are currently working toward, to stabilize the marketplace and improve our existing health care system.”

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