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Washington, DC - U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), lead sponsor of the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SaVE), is releasing the statement following Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ move to undercut campus sexual assault protections.

“Secretary DeVos’ decision to revisit existing campus sexual assault protections is an insult to survivors of sexual assault. I passed into law the Campus SaVE Act and worked with the Obama Administration on new campus sexual assault protections in order to provide a basic measure of security for victims and accountability for perpetrators. Secretary DeVos took an unnecessary step to seek comment on the existing regulations and guidance – especially because there is a Department-wide effort already underway to review all regulations and guidance. The current regulations under Title IX, and the law and regulations under my own Campus SaVE Act, already ensure a fair and impartial process for all students. Today, Secretary DeVos made the work of holding violent perpetrators accountable more difficult, thus robbing victims of campus sexual assault of the justice they deserve.”