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Casey’s Proposal Would Ensure Testing and Treatment of COVID-19 Does Not Bankrupt Families

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released a list of policies that Congress should include in the next coronavirus (COVID-19) legislative package in order to protect and support children and families during a public health emergency.

“As the country adheres to the guidance of social distancing and we adjust to the disruption of our normal way of life—we are confronted with a new set of challenges that we must overcome,” Senator Casey said. “Millions of Americans are facing or experiencing job or income loss, food insecurity or the possibility of financial ruin if they have to cover the cost of testing or treatments for COVID-19. While our Nation works to combat this pandemic, Congress should take swift steps to ensure we provide economic relief to child care centers, remove barriers to access healthy foods and ensure that anyone who needs health care treatment for COVID-19 can receive it.”

Senator Casey proposes taking these immediate steps to support child and families during a public health emergency:

  • Provide Medicaid coverage to ensure that COVID-19 does not bankrupt families who need testing or treatment;
  • Require health insurance companies to offer Special Enrollment Periods during a public health emergency;
  • Increase the funding for child care to help providers remain safely operational during a public health emergency and provide care for front line workers; and 
  • Strengthen food assistance programs to allow families to use SNAP on grocery delivery services, and extend WIC certification periods so families aren’t forced to leave home to shop for groceries or attend routine certification appointments.

Read the full proposal here.


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