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Washington DC- U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), a member of the National Security Working Group and Co-Chair of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism Caucus released a statement on  developments in Ukraine.

"President Putin’s decision to deploy Russian forces into Crimea is a blatant violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and further evidence of his heavy-handed, undemocratic approach to foreign policy. From its support for the Assad regime in Syria to its crackdown on protests in Sochi, the Russian government has demonstrated its disrespect for human rights and proclivity for using violence and oppression to quell dissent. The Ukrainian people have rejected this style of governance, and the United States should continue to support their legitimate aspirations for freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

Russia's act of aggression requires a unified response from the United States and our allies, and we have a range of options at our disposal. If the Ukrainian government requests, the international community should send civilian observers to monitor the situation on the ground.  We can further support the Ukrainian government with loan guarantees and other economic assistance.  I will work with my Senate colleagues to explore targeted asset freezes against key Russian officials or broader economic sanctions on the Russian economy.”


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