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Bill is endorsed by more than 70 Pennsylvania and national officials and organizations

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) introduced the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act to advance economic development in rural communities by helping them overcome barriers to obtaining federal funding and resources. This bill would create a grant program to address communities’ urgent needs like affordable child care, housing, and job training; provide guidance to help rural communities navigate existing federal funding opportunities and ensure they’re getting their fair share of private and federal investment; and improve supportive services offered by the federal government to rural communities.

The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act is supported by Democratic and Republican local elected leaders from Pennsylvania, including county commissioners, state senators, and township and borough officials. Local economic development groups, as well as national organizations working on behalf of rural communities, have also lent their support to the bill. See below for what they are saying about what this legislation will mean for rural communities:

State Senator Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-Sunbury): “The flexibility and financial support in the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 would enable rural communities to break down barriers and expand opportunities for residents. Rural Pennsylvanians face a unique set of circumstances and require programs and services tailored to empower them to overcome obstacles to prosperity. Rural residents deserve the same access to opportunity that is available to their urban and suburban counterparts.”

State Representative Paul Takac (D-Centre): “I applaud Senator Casey for introducing this exciting and much-needed legislation. We share a deep commitment to making crucial investments and removing barriers in order to help revitalize rural communities across our commonwealth and our country. For too long, our neighbors in rural areas have lacked such focused support and the result has been ever widening disparities and economic and community development. I look forward to working with our community partners and representatives from all levels of government to help ensure a prosperous future for all.”

State Representative Jamie Barton (R-East Brunswick Twp.): “All too often, rural America does not get a fair shake when it comes to federal funding. The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 can help to change that. The programs it creates are adaptable enough to cover the unique challenges our rural communities face.”

State Representative Brian Smith (R-Jefferson and Indiana Counties): “Federal funding shouldn’t just go to the big cities. Some of the hardest-working Americans call our rural communities home. The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 can return some of our taxpayer dollars to the places that need it the most.”

Cliff Lane, McKean County Commissioner (D): “I applaud Senator Casey for recognizing the challenges faced by all of rural communities in the US, in getting financial help to address several issues that are shared by urban and rural communities.  The difference being the urban communities most often have the resources available to meet the federal guidelines to access federal funds.  The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 will provide an avenue for rural communities to access these funds for child care, job training, and housing in a more flexible and less restrictive process.  I fully support this Act and encourage all of the elected officials to support this ground breaking act.”

Pam Tokar-Ickes, Somerset County Commissioner (D): “This Act will ensure that rural counties can equitably vie for federal resources to assist their economic growth and development. Rural programs, coupled with technical assistance to help navigate the federal government and its many funding and program sources will only increase our participation in the opportunities available and level the playing field for all.”

James D. Moate, Cameron County Commissioner (R): “It pleases me immensely that legislation is being introduced to address the financial burdens of rural areas. Rural communities have always been the backbone of this great nation and it’s reassuring that the federal government may soon be taking steps to address the struggles these communities have faced for ages. The Rural Partnership Act of 2023 gives me hope for the future of rural governments and for the country as a whole.”

“Chip” Abramovic, Venango County Commissioner (D): “It is nice to see rural American is getting the attention it deserves, this will help to slow the rural vs urban divide, especially now more than ever that rural America provides one of the best quality of life environments for those who want to grow and prosper.”

Barron L. “Boots” Hetherington, Schuylkill County Commissioner (R): "I commend Senator Casey for introducing this legislation.  As a farmer, a commissioner and a member of the USDA State Commission, I know firsthand the challenges facing rural Americans.  The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act will improve economies and the quality of life for Pennsylvanians."

Gary Hess, Schuylkill County Commissioner (D): “This program would help many of the municipalities in Schuylkill County . It would give the  ability to do projects that would  help improve the quality of life . Gives an equal ground from the urban areas.”

Chris Soff, Crawford County Commissioner (D): "Senator Casey has always been a strong advocate for rural Pennsylvania, and this Bill is another example of his commitment to our local communities.  We applaud Senator Casey for recognizing that rural Pennsylvania is the economic driver that continues to move us forward."

Barry Hayman, Potter County Commissioner (D): “I believe the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act is perhaps one of the most direct and beneficial pieces of legislation for local, rural economic and community development since the efforts of the Great Society, if not the New Deal. For so long, local government, particularly rural local government, has served purely as a pass through for both state and federal funds with little input and even less regard for our expertise. Local government is best situated to know where funds are most needed and best applied. We are the boots on the ground and are ready and willing to be an equal partner in improving local economies and the development of our communities to not only attract new residents, but to improve the quality of life for our long-time residents. This act, and its many provisions, goes a long way to help us do just that.”

Michael Rivera, Berks County Commissioner (R): “We support the ability for all communities to have access to resources and programs that are initiated or authorized by the state and federal governments that allow flexibility and local ease of use.”

Marty Qually, Adams County Commissioner (D): “I fully support the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act, as it levels the playing field for rural America.  The current disproportionate funding is exacerbating the urban rural divide, this Act will ensure that American success reaches out to ALL Americans.  Too often smaller county and municipal governments lack the capacity to apply for or be awarded federal grants.  The technical assistance support alone would be a windfall.  That paired with the proposed flexibility will give local governments the opportunity to address specific challenges and create stronger, more cohesive communities.  I applaud Senator Casey for his initiative to support rural communities.”

Jean Foschi, Cumberland County Commissioner (D): “As a Commissioner for a County with large areas of rural communities and farmland, I am encouraged by the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023. Many of our communities struggle to make ends meet even though their residents work hard and pay their fair share of taxes.  Our rural areas are often not able to compete with more populous areas of PA in terms of grant opportunities and political attention, creating a situation where federal dollars are left on the table because of inequity in terms of an ability to locate, apply, and lobby for federal dollars. Having a set of special programs in place for our rural communities as well as guiding mechanisms will help to even an unfair playing field. I’m looking forward to the passage of this bi-partisan Act.”

Sherene Hess, Indiana County Commissioner (D): “Rural America is home to the coal miners, the factory workers, the steelmakers, and the farmers who built this country into the strong nation that it is. But, we’ve been hurting and facing increasing decline in our small towns and rural areas due to decades of disinvestment in our people and land. I applaud Senator Casey on this important proposal that is vital to our small and medium manufacturers so they can modernize and attract a strong workforce, so that new bridges and roads and water systems can bring abundant and safe drinking to people and so our agricultural producers can access the new technologies to be able to compete in world markets while protecting our soil and water and land and air. Rural areas have much to offer our country and I am grateful to hear that substantive policy is being considered that will help workers, children, seniors, and families throughout the country have a better life.”

Brenda Watson, Perry County Commissioner (D): “Like every rural area, Perry County has extremely limited capacity to find, apply for, and administer grants for federal funding to help our residents and our 31 municipalities. We are in dire need of broadband, affordable housing, community revitalization, blight remediation, small business support, and infrastructure development. With 72% of our workforce commuting out of the county each day, coupled with an already strained tax base, we just don’t have the capacity to bring the available state and federal resources home to Perry County.”

Jo Ellen Litz, Lebanon County Commissioner (D): "Lebanon County has some of the best farmland in the nation, and we need to be able to feed America with our crops and animals.  We are also in the hub of Interstates that transport these goods.  Add warehouse development pressures and a need for affordable housing, and we are facing uncertain times.  We are in the process of developing a new comprehensive plan to pull this all together.  Federal support would be most welcome."

Rob Postal, Mifflin County Commissioner (R): “This is an opportunity to drive the future of rural communities toward economic prosperity. The proposed legislation appreciates that rural economic development means workforce training and available and affordable child care as well as infrastructure and broadband.”

Potter County Commissioners: “Potter County has embarked on a state-funded community and economic development strategic planning project that brings together partners - many for the first time - to work as a team to determine how we can address three issues of critical importance: chronic population loss, continually increasing median age, and a declining economy. Each element of the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 offers support for our mission - technical assistance, federal funding, and the "whole-of-government" approach which can lead to partnerships extending across the federal, state and county levels, while engaging employers as well as community leaders. We believe this is a critical element in deliberations about the 2023 Farm Bill. We stand ready to take advantage of the opportunities, potentially as a pilot rural county that has already laid the groundwork to achieve the objectives of the Act.”

Mayor Tom Yoder, Huntingdon Borough (R): “The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 providing small rural communities like Huntingdon, Pennsylvania with better access to federal programs and funding would be a much-needed lifeline during these difficult times.  Huntingdon, like other rural communities, struggles to meet the needs of our citizens and small businesses, as we work to provide positive programming, a safe environment, and opportunities for business and economic growth, job creation, and development.”

Mary Ann Menanno, Meadville City Manager: “As a City of the Third Class located in a predominantly rural setting, the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act would help unlock valuable resources that cities like Meadville currently struggle to access.  With a stagnant tax base and nearly crippling issues with staff capacity, the proposed Rural Partnership Programs Grants and Prosperity Technical Assistance Grants through this Act would benefit the city in carrying out identified priorities in housing and workforce development.  Without these types of programs, cities like Meadville will continue straining to implement programs that address these vital needs.”   

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA): “This bipartisan legislation will be of tremendous benefit to rural farmers whose needs may include housing, child care, and technical support, but whose work lives often don't afford the time to write and apply for grants and other assistance. By better equipping municipalities, nonprofits, and other rural service entities to meet the needs of farm families and their neighbors, we hope this bill can reverse the decades of disinvestment and profound farm loss impacting our rural communities.”

Matt Espenshade, President, Pennsylvania State Grange: “Senator Casey’s announcement on the introduction of the bi-partisan “The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act” is welcome news for rural Pennsylvanians.  The Pennsylvania State Grange has long believed that our rural communities, at times,  are forgotten when it comes to federal investment.  This legislation will go a long way to address the needs of our members and as such we are proud to stand with Senator Casey as he introduces this bill.”

Kim Wheeler, Executive Director, SEDA-Council of Governments: “The communities and municipalities in our region have unprecedented opportunities to benefit from federal investments but do not have the capacity to research, engage and apply.  This Act will provide funding for technical assistance partners to serve as the administrative and programmatic entities.  In addition, the Rural Partnership Program Grants will assist residents of these communities to clear the most common hurdles facing families today.  This 360-degree approach will allow communities and their families to grow and prosper.”

Jeffrey Box, President and CEO, NEPA Alliance: “The communities, municipalities, nonprofits and economic development agencies in Northeastern Pennsylvania are in great need for capacity building resources to be more competitive in securing Federal Resources. The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 will help all of these rural entities in Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

Frank Zukas, President, SEDCO: “Schuylkill County is home to a resilient and hardworking population that has, for generations, contributed to the rich tapestry of our nation's history. However, like many rural areas across the country, Schuylkill County faces unique challenges, including economic disparities, limited access to resources, and the need for infrastructure improvements. The proposed investment initiatives aim to address these challenges head-on by fostering economic growth, creating job oppo1tunities, and enhancing the overall quality of life for our residents. By investing in rural communities like ours, it's not just a financial opportunity; it's a commitment to nurturing the heartbeat of our nation. Project and technical assistance funding for rural communities is the catalyst that transforms challenges into opportunities. By investing in the knowledge, skills, and infrastructure necessary for progress, we empower these communities to overcome hurdles, embrace innovation, and build a future that is both sustainable and transformative. With that in mind, it's not just about assistance; it's about fostering a legacy of resilience and growth that resonates far beyond the boundaries of any one community. On behalf of my organization, I extend my support for this legislation. Any assistance you can provide to our rural communities is greatly appreciated.”

Dave Calvario, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Greene County: “Rural communities across our nation face unique problems not seen in urban or suburban communities.  Some of our problems include: a declining and aging population, loss of jobs, high property taxes due to lack of industry, not having the capacity to make the transition from industrial manufacturing to technology and service industries, lack of opportunities for our youth and young adults, to name a few.  But at the same time, rural America assisted in building the America we know today and its infrastructure.  The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 would assist the Greene County and Career Technology Center and the Community Foundation of Greene County to go deeper in their partnership by collaborating further on blue collar programs to advance the trades among HS students and young adults in Greene County.”

Muriel Nuttall, Executive Director, Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and Business: “As a county-wide Chamber of Commerce, situated in Appalachia, surrounded by communities that thrived during the coal era but who have fallen into distress through deindustrialization, this type of legislation is exciting and provides a new level of hope that, put into action, can make exponential change. In her book, ‘The Power of Hope’, Carol Graham explains, ‘…that public policy reform problems – from joblessness and labor force dropout to the lack of affordable health care and inadequate public education – can’t be solved without hope.  Drawing on research in well-being and other disciplines, Graham describes strategies for restoring hope in populations where it has been lost.  The need to address despair, and to restore hope, is critical to America’s future.’ These communities are trying hard to find new pathways toward growth and development.  This legislation could provide an incredible opportunity to see our rural communities thrive again!”

Jim Decker, Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry: “Senator Casey is absolutely "spot-on" in recognition of the inequities in access to federal funding by rural communities. Navigating the federal funding system is overwhelming to most, if not all, small rural community municipalities and economic/community development organizations who operate on shoe-string budgets and minimal staff.”

Frank Thompson, Executive Director, Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Commission: “The communities in our region have unprecedented opportunities to benefit from federal investments but do not have the capacity to research, engage and apply. This Act will provide funding for technical assistance partners to serve as the administrative and programmatic entities. The Rural Partnership Program Grants will give residents and municipalities a fair shot at federal resources.”

Jill Foys, Executive Director, Northwest Commission: “The communities and municipalities in our eight-county region have unprecedented opportunities to benefit from federal investments but many do not have the capacity to research, engage and apply.  This Act will provide funding for technical assistance partners to serve as an administrative and programmatic resource, giving every community an even chance of success.  In addition, the Rural Partnership Program Grants will assist residents of these communities to clear the most common hurdles facing families today.  This 360-degree approach will allow communities and their families to grow and prosper.”

Bette Slayton, Bedford County Development Association: “We are in support of the proposed Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023. As you are aware, rural communities lack funding opportunities and staffing resources which severely hinder our efforts to compete in the global economy. Direct federal support for economic and community development initiatives is critically important as we work to develop solutions for housing, childcare, and infrastructure improvements. Project and technical assistance will be of great value helping us to navigate the many challenges of a changing economy and declining population. Better cross-agency coordination and flexibility within federal programs will be of significant value in meeting our local needs. Those of us in the trenches of rural Pennsylvania are working cooperatively, creatively, and tenaciously to meet the many challenges facing us. It would be great to have streamlined access to federal funding and technical assistance. We'll also appreciate seeing our rural tax dollars coming back into our communities. hank you for your support and efforts to strengthen our rural communities.”

Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation: “The Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation strongly supports Senators Casey and Fischer. This legislation is responsive to rural areas like Philipsburg that need comprehensive federal support to help us not only to survive, but to thrive into the future.”

Greater Reading Chamber Alliance: “The Greater Reading Chamber Alliance thanks Senator Casey for introducing the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act that addresses a legitimate need in our rural communities. These areas are often constrained from pursuing federal funding because of staff limitations in the application and compliance/reporting phases coupled with inconsistent internet access. Any funding for technical assistance to aid communities in obtaining funding and managing the requirements associated with such funding would be helpful to remove some of the threshold barriers. Thank you for your leadership. We encourage anyone who represents a rural community to support this transformational proposal.”

Bob Carl, President and Chief Executive Officer, Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce: “The Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce greatly appreciates the leadership of U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. in the “Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023”. This is critical for rural Pennsylvania and will assist our mission of assisting our members in critical grant issues such as affordable child care, housing, and job training. We appreciate and fully support the importance of this legislative initiative.”

Heather Valudes, President and CEO, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce: “The Lancaster Chamber, as a countywide chamber representing urban, suburban, and rural communities, recognizes the unique needs of our rural areas. We support The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act as it aims to assist with the planning and implementation of multi-year strategies that will increase the quality of life for residents and provide greater opportunity for economic development that meets the needs of the community.”

Kevin Schreiber, President & CEO of the York County Economic Alliance: “In York County, our 10-year Economic Action Plan lists the rural economy as a key focus area in spurring future economic growth and increasing competitiveness and resiliency as a community. This includes specific action steps to build municipal capacity and coordination to increase services for economic opportunity in rural areas. We support this legislation and encourage its inclusion in the Farm Bill to make this proposal a reality.”

Vincent Valdes, Executive Director, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission: “The communities and municipalities in our region have an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from federal investments and grant programs but do not have the capacity to research, apply and administer them. This Act will provide funding for technical assistance partners to serve as the administrative and programmatic entities for these critical funds. In addition, the Rural Partnership Program Grants will provide resources to help residents of these communities overcome many of the most common obstacles facing families today. This comprehensive approach will allow communities and families to grow and prosper.”

Ryan Unger, President & CEO, Harrisburg Regional Chamber: “As we in Pennsylvania work to implement our economic development strategies, we have to provide a special focus to the rural communities that too often miss out on the critical funding and resources needed to achieve these goals. This bill and its programs will go a long way toward spurring new investment and creating new jobs in the rural parts of our region and we look forward to being an active partner in supporting this legislation.”

Jim Chorney, Executive Director, North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission: “In our six-county region, there's an unparalleled chance for communities and municipalities to thrive through federal investments. However, we've witnessed a significant gap in the ability to research, engage, and apply for these resources. The Rural Partnership Program Grant Act is critical for rural regions, allocating funds for technical assistance partners to step in as vital administrative and programmatic entities... this initiative is positioned to empower and uplift all our communities.”

Mr. Steven Howsare, Executive Director, Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission: “The communities and municipalities in our region have unprecedented opportunities to benefit from federal investments but do not have the capacity to research, engage and apply. This Act will provide funding for technical assistance partners to serve as the administrative and programmatic entities. In addition, the Rural Partnership Program Grants will assist residents of these communities to clear the most common hurdles facing families today. This 360-degree approach will allow communities and their families to grow and prosper.”

Doug O’Brien, President and CEO, NCBA CLUSA: “NCBA CLUSA applauds Senators Casey and Fischer for their bipartisan leadership to address the persistent challenges faced by rural communities. Rural America has much to offer the national economy, yet has been left behind for far too long by federal policy initiatives. This legislation is an important step in providing the critical support needed to grow economies with locally-led initiatives. We are especially pleased that the legislation recognizes cooperatives as a critical driver for economic development and as a tool to create a more resilient and prosperous rural America.”

Matthew Chase, Executive Director, National Association of Counties: “Over 70 percent of America’s counties are rural and face unique challenges and opportunities every day. A strong intergovernmental partnership is critical to creating opportunities for counties and our residents to thrive. The bipartisan Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act would equip rural counties and our partners with tools to optimize historic federal resources and investments in our communities. We applaud Senators Casey and Fischer for their leadership on this important issue.”

Olga Morales Pate, CEO, Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP): “Rural America is essential America, and RCAP enthusiastically supports the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 and the critical support for technical assistance it will provide to rural communities. By bringing a whole-of-government approach to rural policy, this bill will offer communities flexibility and a fair shot at competing for funding, which is often a challenge. I applaud Senators Casey and Fischer for coming together to ensure that the Farm Bill does right by the communities that makeup the backbone of the nation.”

Nathan Ohle, President and CEO, International Economic Development Council: “On behalf of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and our economic development members nationwide, I want to thank Senators Casey and Fischer on the introduction of The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023.  As our members can attest, rural communities across the country often lack investment and face significant barriers in accessing federal funding and opportunities. This bipartisan legislation would address these challenges by creating programs that would direct much-needed support to rural communities through grant awards and technical assistance. We are grateful for Senator Casey’s and Senator Fischer’s leadership on this important issue as we work together to ensure that all communities have the tools and resources they need to thrive.”

Caitlin Cain, Vice President, Rural, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC): “The Local Initiatives Support Corporation supports the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023. The community and economic development needs of rural America can only be addressed by ensuring local communities have the capacity and resources to implement locally driven strategies. This legislation would provide the flexible and long-term resources necessary for that work. We thank Senators Casey and Fischer for their leadership in ensuring rural America has the know-how and funding to meet their goals.”

Todd Van Hoose, President and CEO of the Farm Credit Council: “Our rural communities struggle to jump through all the hoops necessary to access critical federal programs. The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act aims to simplify this process and ensure rural America has a fair shot at investment. We thank Senators Casey and Fischer for their strong leadership for rural communities.”

Joe McKinney, Executive Director, National Association of Development Organizations: “Many rural communities are challenged by a perpetual cycle wherein their lack of resources impedes their ability to compete for federal funds. The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023, if passed, would help address this issue by providing targeted flexible funding directly to rural communities, in tandem with needed technical assistance.”

Alan Morgan, Chief Executive Officer, National Rural Health Association: “Rural America provides the food, fiber, and fuel for our country, and yet it has faced historic underinvestment for decades. The National Rural Health Association applauds Senator Fischer and Senator Casey’s work on the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act and we are pleased to see their commitment to bringing needed support to rural communities through grants and technical assistance that can meet the unique needs of each area.”

Roy Chrobocinski, Managing Director, Domestic Federal Policy at Save the Children: "Save the Children is proud to endorse the Rural Partnerships and Prosperity Act, an important bill that prioritizes the equal sharing of federal resources for children and families living in rural America. This bill would directly increase support for persistently poor, rural communities by directly addressing the barriers faced by these communities in the federal grant process. Save the Children believes this bill will improve access to resources for rural communities so they can invest in critical programs for children, such as high quality child care centers. This bill affirms Save the Children’s commitment to serving the whole rural child, acknowledging that strong rural economies support rural children, and that by providing locally driven solutions we can promote sustainable futures."

Matt Holmes, CEO, National Rural Water Association (NRWA): “NRWA and our state rural water associations have worked directly with the Rural Partnership Network to assist rural communities in accessing and navigating available federal resources in their best interest… this legislation enhances and builds off those efforts.”

Neil Sheridan, President, National Association of Towns and Townships (NATaT): “As the largest representative of rural communities, the National Association of Towns and Townships wholeheartedly supports this legislation. Enhancing access to federal support through both grants and technical assistance is essential to ensuring the success of rural America. Thank you to Senators Casey and Fischer for spearheading this crucial effort.”

Brian Cavey, CoBank, SVP of Government Affairs and Knowledge Exchange Division: “We are thrilled to support the bipartisan work of Senators Casey and Fischer in their efforts to bring more resources to rural America.  For decades rural communities have often been forgotten and not given the resources they deserve.  Your zip code should not determine your quality of life.  We will continue to work to get this in the Farm Bill and support initiatives to bring more capital and partnerships to rural America.”

David Lipsetz, President and CEO, Housing Assistance Council: “No amount of federal investment will succeed in creating lasting rural equity if not paired with robust local capacity building to ensure the most underserved and persistently poor rural places are in a position to access available federal resources. We applaud Senators Casey and Fischer for recognizing this truth and for introducing the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act to address the capacity needs of rural communities. Rural communities often have small and part-time local governments, inadequate philanthropic support, and a shortage of the specialists needed to navigate the complexities of federal programs. This bill would empower rural regions by supporting locally-led planning and capacity building efforts, and providing flexible funding to meet critical needs.”

Tina May, VP of Rural Services and Chief of Staff, Land O’Lakes: “As a farmer and member owned cooperative, Land O’Lakes, Inc. sees firsthand the unique challenges and opportunities facing rural America. We commend Sens. Casey and Fischer for their bipartisan commitment to rural America and are pleased that they have introduced the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023,” said Tina May, VP, Rural Services and Chief of Staff for Land O’Lakes, Inc. “This bill would provide a commonsense approach to navigate federal funding to strengthen rural communities.”

Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition: "There has never been a better time to invest in the rural communities of America as we seek to meet the challenges of climate, biodiversity, wildfire, and landscape resilience. The Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023 will help strengthen the stewardship economies within rural communities by removing barriers to existing funding and providing flexible grant and technical assistance programs designed to increase capacity in rural communities. We are grateful for the leadership of Senator Bob Casey and Senator Deb Fischer for putting forth policy that will provide direct support for rural communities.”

Michele Stockwell, President, BPC Action: “BPC Action applauds Sens. Casey (D-PA) and Fischer (R-NE) for their leadership on the Rural Partnership and Prosperity Act of 2023. This bill would provide critical support to rural communities and directly aligns with Bipartisan Policy Center recommendations to expand rural capacity-building and technical assistance efforts, which will better enable innovative public-private partnerships, regional coordination, and economic development. We urge bipartisan momentum for this legislation and its inclusion in the upcoming Farm Bill to bolster America’s rural communities and address existing funding gaps that they face.”