Casey: Job Training Must Be A Priority

WASHINGTON, DC— U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), released the following statement calling for faster action on job training after President Obama’s speech today on job training and manufacturing:

“Pennsylvania has a long history of innovation and rebuilding in manufacturing. A lasting economic recovery will rely on an evolving and revitalized manufacturing sector. Workers must be able to acquire the skills necessary to advance in their jobs, find new jobs and meet the needs of employers.

“The Senate should move quickly to debate and pass an extension of the Workforce Investment Act to make job training programs more efficient across the country. Let's get rid of the programs that don't work or are duplicative and put our resources behind proven efforts that build skills and lead to jobs. We must train workers with the skills that are in greatest demand and concentrate on the sectors where growth prospects are strongest.

“I have also called for an extension of Trade Adjustment Assistance to provide job training to workers who have lost their jobs because of foreign trade. I will continue to try to overcome the roadblocks that have prevented this bill from being passed by the Senate.”